Thursday, 8 January 2015


So once there was this girl , who dreamt of being the chief editor of New York times ...
Hardly knew how impossible her wish was since she hailed from a lower middle class family and  was no superhuman to make miracles happen.
Born with the most absurd name ever -Anamika (meaning nameless in Sanskrit), the girl decided to name herself Aami. Way back in 1996 , to be exact April 14 , 2.15am  Aami took birth as a caesarean baby in the labor ward of Calicut medical college.
Started writing poetry at the age of 7 , and later had the realization that her poetry sucks!!. All that she knew was to dream, dream beyond her limits for dreams helped her to move on.She was so stupid in the past, is stupid now and will continue to be so in future... Always did what she felt ..action was her key word and thoughts use to attack her much later..
Made a lot of mistakes, but never did Aami regretted them. the girl was of the opinion mistakes are to be made and not to be repeated (the reality being the fact ,she repeated them often!!) .Loves  reading,  writing and  watching movies but was a lazy goose :P . one of Aami's biggest wish was to explore the uncanny places and to explore the life of unknown people..
It was those small things that made her happy- a sleep in the open sky , a late night talk with him , hanging out with friends ,a good movie , a nice piece of writing , rain , sunset , playing with the paper boats that they made and so on .... 
She was so impatient and eccentric at times ,,and often becomes childish.. But she never wanted to correct those for "that was all she was about"
And then one day she met him who taught her to make Paper boats and together they made some among the most beautiful paper boats... and they sailed together in those paper boats ..they are still sailing...

Me, You and Our paper boat...that was how it all began.... “These paper boats of ours are meant to dance on the ripples of hours, and not reach any destination.”    
and then on another fine day
                             "she grew up to be me...."

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